The Purple Tree celebrates the Filipino artists!

Dulcie Dee

As you walk through the Rosario Soler Hall and Silvino Maestrado Hall, take a look at the striking work of a gifted Filipina artist.

International multi-award winning artist Dulcie Dee was born in NYC and has held numerous One Woman exhibitions throughout USA with collectors from Manila, Paris, and Sydney. She holds a MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco and is a cum laude graduate of the University of the Philippines.

Her work is a Zen fusion of East and West. Each painting pulsates with rich, vibrant, tropical colors painted with clarity, texture, and precision detail encompassing a free–flowing sense of subject, shade and color.

Josephine Lorenzo-Reynoso

Josephine Lorenzo-Reynoso is a Filipino contemporary painter who expresses herself through atmospheric works in oil and acrylic. A grandniece of Diosdado Lorenzo, one of the 13 Moderns of Philippine Art, Jinky was inspired by her granduncle’s masterpieces. Jinky’s approach to art could initially be regarded as simple. Take a closer look, though, and see that her bold, heavy strokes; rough and heavy textures; her deliberate scratches, portray not only the beauty of life, but also its imperfections. “I am true to myself and honest with my feelings. I don’t really know if this distinguishes my art from others, but whenever I paint, I let go of what I see. This is my truth.”